Pierre Precieuse Diamond Collection Launch Event

Pierre Precieuse Diamond Collection Launch Event

The Diamond Collection from Pierre Precieuse … A New Trilogy Collection for an Exceptional Femme and a Chic Homme

 Doha, 25 September 2018 — Merch Perfumes recently launched three new perfumes in Qatar from Pierre Precieuse Parfum, bearing the name and all the elegance of diamonds. The new perfumes are the Black Diamond, the White Diamond and the Pure Diamond. Each of these fragrances carries an exquisite note for an exceptional woman and a chic man looking for a unique fragrance that can scarcely be forgotten.

Because diamonds hold a special value, Merch was immensely enthusiastic in choosing this uniquely designed set to be introduced to the Qatari Market. The Trilogy of Diamonds resembles simplicity and a positive attitude from the Arab World carrying a captivating blend of old century Parisian and Arabian essences. Vindicating more about the Diamond Collection, the Black Diamond is known for its scintillating notes of citrus, aqua, amber and black musk; the Pure Diamond is known for its sparkling notes of lemon, rose, pure amber and musk, whereas the White Diamond is known for its sparkling shimmering scents of white jasmine, musk and sandalwood. The trilogy is truly a tribute across centuries captivating an unforgettable experience.

Merch, the leading perfume and beauty product house in Qatar, always strives to provide its elite customers with a unique experience and offer its clientele a mesmerizing range of unexpected and unique products and offerings through its branches throughout Doha, thus cementing its place at the forefront of luxurious stores in Qatar.

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