Our Story

MERCH was established in 1978 in Doha- State of Qatar. Our line of business is in the exclusive distribution and marketing of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Perfumeries, Cosmetics, Skin Care and Retail development.

For over 40 years of business in State of Qatar, MERCH expertise in distribution paved the way to earn the reputation of being one of the leading Distributors of various International brands. It is the result of our dedicated service to our customers by providing them quality products worth it for their lifestyle.


With our dedicated service and customer-driven approach, MERCH is committed on continuous development and improvement of our business and enhance our customer service to be one of the top leaders in Qatar Market.

MERCH is also motivated to brand building and growth.

Here are the brief statements on what we offer to our customers and clients, what business are we in and how to agree on our company purpose:

  • To obtain new brands and develop new business opportunities
  • To be the best in servicing our customers and clients
  • To be an excellent leader in managing the Distribution System – achieving the highest quality of works and improving the supply chain efficiency.
  • Continuous improvement for order accuracy and service reliability
  • To improve and grow our Customer Database and to rationalize our logistic system to increase customer satisfaction
  • We feel a sense of urgency in any matter related to our customer services. We are customer-driven.
  • To expand channel offerings and maintain and build strong customer relation

Our Vision

MERCH aspirations for the future are:

  • To improve the company’s ability to recruit, retain and develop good talent
  • To be the top specialist of the company’s current business of FMCG , Beauty and Retail Divisions
  • Market-focus specialist
  • Incremental improvement of existing business and continuous training and coaching
  • Measure progress towards end-objective for better improvement
  • Improvement of our Information Technology (ERP)
  • Create high performance culture – continuous learning perspective


Our values cover a broad range of personal attributes and characteristics of our organization. With our dedication of providing excellent service to our loyal customers and partners, coupled with the spirits of professionalism and strong work ethics of our employees, MERCH is guided with the principles of:

  • EXCELLENCE ( MERCH provide the highest standard of service to our customers and partners. We are open for a change, committed for incremental improvement and we are motivated to be customer-driven.)
  • RESPECT (We abide by the ethical values of respecting individual differences and sustaining the environment. We care about loyalty of our customers and partners and we deliver effective tools for business development)
  • TEAMWORK (“One Team – One Spirit, One Goal – One Mission” . We bring ideas and know-how tools to develop business together)

MERCH is organized into three (3) Divisions namely:

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