MERCH is a private-owned trading company specialized in exclusive distribution of FMCG Product in Qatar Market. Our company as well own and manage different top-end Retail Shops in Qatar.

  • 1978 MERCH Company Established in Qatar
  • From 1978 to date more than 15 suppliers were added to MERCH Exclusive Distribution Portfolio for Qatar Market


With our dedicated service and customer-driven approach, MERCH is committed on improvement and customer service to ensure dominance in Qatar Market. We are motivated to brand building and development.


“To become the leading Distributor of FMCG Products in Qatar Market when it comes to Product Portfolio and Quality of Service”


To deliver service excellence to our customers and partners, MERCH is guided the principles of:

  • EXCELLENCE ( MERCH provide the highest standard of service to our customers and partners. We are opened for a change, committed for incremental improvement and we are motivated to be customer-driven.)
  • RESPECT (We abide the ethical values of respecting individual differences and sustaining the environment of charity works. We care about loyalty of our customers and partners and we deliver effective tools for business development)
  • TEAMWORK (“One Team – One Spirit, One Goal – One Mission”. We bring ideas and know-how tools to develop business together)



  • Over 3 decades of experience of Distribution Business in Qatar Market
  • MERCH – FMCG Division is composed of professional, experienced and committed team of over 100 employees
  • 3 Modern Warehouses to cater the required storage and effective Stock Management
  • We have a fleet of over 43 Distribution Vehicles and cars for back office employees
  • Effective Distribution Model
  • Wide portfolio of Products
  • Highly-developed relations with market partners
  • Efficient trade marketing activities
  • Creative and Innovative approach to consumer’s marketing
  • Up-to-date Market Activities
  • Open to change and market needs
  • Organizational Structure (insert Org Structure here


MERCH-FMCG delivers the maximum coverage and distribution by channel through proper building block and implementation. Our market reach is extended to the following channels:

· Modern Trades

· Traditional Trades

· Stand-Alone

· Petrol Stations

· Food Services

MERCH – FMCG Division handles the distribution of many international brands and companies as per the following product categories:


  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Nutella
  • Rafaello
  • Kinder
  • Tictac
  • Valor Chocolates
  • Penotti
  • Vidal
  • TimTam
  • Pepperidge Farm
  • Gold Fish
  • Shapes
  • Prego


  • Ambi Pur


  • Davidoff Café
  • Tchibo Coffe
  • V8 Juice


  • Arnold Andre
  • Davidoff Cigarettes
  • (ITC) – Scissors, Wills and Dukes
  • Villiger Cigarettes / Cigars
  • Von Eicken
  • Zigzag
  • West
  • Navy
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